The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award for Young People

The Duke of Edinburgh`s International Award for Young People is an international personal development program targeting youth aged 14 to 24. It was initiated in Great Britain, in 1956 and today, it has a global operational outreach, with 8 million youth having been reached through this programme.

The Award has been introduced in Romania since 1991, reaching national coverage by 2011. ASS Scut is a licensed operator of the Award starting with 2009 and we implemented our first activities pertaining to this programme in 2011.

We use this programme as a personal development and social inclusion mechanism, mainly for youth from state-run orphanages but also youth from the wider local community and we managed to include so far over 400 youngsters.

In the Award, young people are involved in various personal development activities, over four main thematic areas: Volunteering, Physical Activities, Personal Abilities, Adventure and a Residential Project. Depending on the level of involvement, the participants can win access to three different levels, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold.

During 2012-2014, ASS Scut benefited from a grant from the International Secretary of the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award Foundation.

În perioada 2012-2014, activitățile aferente acestui program derulate de ASS Scut au fost finanțate de către Secretariatul Internațional al Fundației the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award.

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The Duke of Edinburgh's  International Award for Young People
The Duke of Edinburgh's  International Award for Young People

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