Mother 24/24

The "Mother 24/24" project takes place in 2020. The project is possible due to the involvement of people from the Brasov community at the Donor Circle event within the Brasov Community Foundation.

The "MOTHER 24/24" project aims to ensure that 11 children will have a happy and healthy childhood with their family. Through this project, 6 families with a history of abandonment, trauma and difficult material situations, will be supported to prevent the abandonment of their children.

To overcome acute crisis situations, parents will receive material support and parenting courses. In parallel, parents in difficulty will receive support from community volunteers (community mothers) through a mentoring program.

Through all of this, the project will help families at risk to overcome difficult times, learn new skills and begin to have confidence in their own strengths.

The "MOTHER 24/24" project aims to provide immediate, material and practical support for overcoming the crisis / high risk situation and empowering mothers to have the resources and skills necessary to fulfill their dream of raising their children with they. All this will prevent the transmission of trauma to the next generation.

The overall aim of the project is to support families in difficulty in such a way as to prevent the abandonment / institutionalization of children and to stimulate parents to ensure a balanced development of children.

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Mother 24/24

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