The Aftercare Start Programme

“Then I understood for the first time what emptiness means. Then I understood that something was slipping away from my life... Where is my life?”

“I wasn't afraid of bills. My biggest need was of people whom I could tell what I felt. Help me grow up!”

“At some point we will manage by ourselves, but now we need help.”

“We are normal people. I want to be seen as I really am – a person with dreams. I need help, but this does not mean I don't have dreams.”

Aftercare Start
is one of the oldest programs of our association and was created in 2004 in order to support young people that were discharged from state-run care centers to transition to independent life. The support that we provide is multidimensional, i.e. emotional, occupational, social and material, both before and after they leave the state orphanages. Up until now, we have supported over 500 people.

Although initially we have created this programme in order to help young people transition from institutionalized living to independent life, we, as an organization, have identified a stringent need to prepare them for this moment, and as such, we have added a second component to the programme - the Adolescent component. Today, the programme has two dimensions:

  • ACP-Adolescent - where we address youth between 14 and 21 years old, who are still in state care, in order to help them transition to living in the community;
  • ACP-Independent - where we cater to the needs of 18-to-26 year old, who left the state-run care centers, in order to help them adapt to living on their own.

The programme has six main lines of action. Firstly we provide psychological support and counseling, under a support group format but also invidually.

Secondly, we organize life skill-building seminars and training, where we address topics such as cooking, orientation, household skills (doing chores, cleaning, using the gas), or financial education (the value of money, living on a budget etc.).

Thirdly, we also focus on body awareness and sexual education, by organizing seminars on anatomy and physiology, sexuality, body image confidence, and family planning.

Fourthly, this programme includes a distinct focus on personal development and community integration, by engaging some of them in the Duke of Edinghburh`s International Award for Young People.

Fifthly, we sometimes offer medical services, depending on the arising needs and available funding.

And lastly, we offer transitioning support, which entails vocational training and counseling, support in finding and keeping a job and securing an affordable and decent place to live.

Moreover, some of the beneficiaries of ACP-Independent who become become parents are included in our programme for vulnerable families - Together for Strong Families!

The programme is funded through private donations, from community and corporate members. We are constantly accepting material and financial donations to fund this programme. Moreover, we are also looking for corporate partnership to facilitate the labour market inclusion of our beneficiaries. For any idea or information about how you may support Aftercare Start, you may contact us at contact(at)

Now it is easier to support this programme by donating to our partner organisation, the Romanian Partnership Committee. They raise funds on our behalf through the JustGiving platform and 100% of the funds go directly to supporting this programme and these youngsters. Details below:

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The Aftercare Start Programme
The Aftercare Start Programme
The Aftercare Start Programme

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