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Between 15.09.2019 - 15.11.2019 is carried out the project "People between people", co-financed project by the Brasov County Council.

The purpose of the project is more important to make life among people diagnosed with chronic diseases for the mental health of Brașov county through a socialization program and creating a psychic balance in psycho-social integration, reducing the risk of discrimination and social exclusion.

Target groups of the project:

  • Direct beneficiaries - 10 adults diagnosed with chronic mental health disorders (schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.)
  • Indirect beneficiaries - local community, families / spaces for beneficiaries, local institutions etc.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Carrying out a program of socialization and recreation (activities: trips in Brașov county (visit the Black Church, visit the Zoological Garden, visit the Râșnov Fortress and DinoPark), trips in Bucharest (visit the Estuar Foundation and the National Museum of Natural History, Grigore Ant) for a number of 10 beneficiaries with chronic mental health diseases of Brașov county.
  2. Development of digital skills in order to increase the chances of being introduced to the field of work for a number of 10 beneficiaries with chronic illnesses of maintained health of Brașov County.
  3. Improvement of psychic balance in terms of reducing the number of recurrent episodes (no. Of psychiatry internships) - a complementary therapy program (hypo-therapy, occupational therapy, dance therapy, psychotherapy group) for a number of 10 beneficiaries with chronic mental health diseases from Brașov county.

    It has been scientifically proven that horse therapy (hypo-therapy) is very beneficial for people with disabilities that can be observed psychically and physically. The interaction with the horse stimulates the tactile sense when it touches, perhaps even through environmental stimuli, the owners are very active, resulting in the creation of their own perceptions. Riding, clearly if it is an exercise, is regarded as a joy, as a success. The benefits of hypo-therapy are manifold: attention is applied, the movements are repeated and the muscles can be relaxed and, thus, the body will calm down, the growth of self-confidence (when the horse can be controlled) will be able to integrate into society, public interest for the environment, emotional control and self-discipline, independence.

    Dance therapy is a possible way of expressing and externalizing one's inner and sentimental life.

    The psychotherapy group is very important when completing drug treatments so that they can be maintained with a better level of functioning. It is a way of exploring, identifying and capitalizing on the inner resources, about downloading feelings, fears and frustrations related to illness but also to awareness of the disease.

  4. Information and awareness of the country group's problem at community level and reducing the risk of social marginalization by organizing the event at community level.

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