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Psychic illnesses can be a very heavy burden, they can change our lives significantly and affect those next to us. They hold our thoughts, they can affect our ability to function and threaten future hopes. One of the most significant images people have about mental health is the social danger they pose to society. Persons with mental illnesses are perceived as dangerous and cause a reaction to fear because they are considered aggressive, even capable of murder, because they are attributed to a series of traits: irrational, irresponsible, unconscious, superficial and disrespectful. This thoughts lead to a series of negative attitudes of marginalization, avoidance, isolation, stigmatization, rejection.

But how do people with schizophrenia perceive society?

For example, most of our beneficiaries perceive the external world, "like a jungle where you have to fight every day for your life. A bad world where people reject you, They do not understand you, do not accept and think you are completely useless, " says one of our beneficiaries. All these thoughts make many of them retreat, isolate themselves from the world and remain in a strong state of apathy and disinterest for everything that surrounds them.

We strongly believe that people in the community, if they were informed, would otherwise look at these people, see their potential, creativity, sensitivity, warmth, devotion, involvement and passion. These people even have resources that can be valued for themselves and for those around them. With this thought, we chose to start the project "Value of Diversity. One Step of Schizophrenia!" Which will take place for a period of 3 months from 01.08.2018 to 30.10.2018. The Community Foundation has given us the opportunity to register this case at the Brasov Heroes event. The project is possible thanks to the involvement of the Brasov community (donations, sponsorships, enrollment in the obstacle race, promotion, etc.).

The direct beneficiaries of this project are:

  • 20 people with schizophrenia, beneficiaries of ASS SCUT who are daily confronted with the symptoms of the disease but also with the stigma of the society. ASS SCUT is the only NGO in Brasov that helps such people every day.
  • 50 young people from 3 high schools in Brasov will be informed about the importance of maintaining optimal mental health.

The indirect beneficiaries of this project are the Brasov community and parents or carers of people with schizophrenia.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the issue and specificity of people with schizophrenia for the community and to increase the quality of life for 20 people with this diagnosis.

Through our project we want to:

  • raise awareness of the specificities of our target group and reduce the risk of marginalization and social exclusion;
  • to increase the quality of life of our beneficiaries through alternative therapies (occupational therapy, dance therapy);
  • to create a therapeutic garden for our beneficiaries;
  • to give our beneficiaries the chance to show that they can be useful through community-based activities.


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