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The program Together for Strong Families! aims to support marginalized families, at risk of social exclusion, stay together with their children and reach a satisfactory standard of living.

The program was a natural addition to the activities we run at ASS SCUT and it was initially targeted at the beneficiaries of our program for youngsters leaving state-run orphanages - i.e. Aftercare Start Independent, and that needed parental and conjugal support.

Hence through this program, we focus on families where at least one parent grew up in an orphanage, single-headed families, families with members that have disabilities, and families in a critical financial state.

As such, Together for Strong Families! is a program that enables us to offer parental and conjugal counseling services, short-term health monitoring for newborns and mothers, support in finding paid employment and affordable and adequate housing, and also material support.

Moreover, most of our humanitarian calls to action are meant to support the beneficiaries of this program. Its primary source of funding comes from in-kind donations from the community but also, sometimes, corporate donations.


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