Winners at Civil Society Gala

Scut Association of Social Services won second place at Civil Society Gala on category "Social Services" with project "Sara Centre-integrated Services for adults with disabilities". We are very proud and grateful for having the chance to help so many people. It was possible through the funding received with the SEEA grants 2009-2014 and with the help of wonderful people. Thank you!

Project "Sara Centre-integrated Services for adults with disabilities" has offered for 26 months free services including psychological and social counselling, psychotherapy, support groups, medical support, training and financial support, developing independent life skills and creative development. We have worked directly with 927 persons and we can say the following about them:

- the average age of adults with disabilities is 66 years and of their caregivers is 56-65 years (41,67) followed by 31-45 (23,61) meaning that the adults with disabilities are looked after by their children or close relatives
- most of the caregivers were women (83,33%)
-almost half of the adults had a profund disability, 41,35% severe and 9,02% moderate disability
- 27% of our beneficiary had a physical disability and somatic, 23,31% mental and phychiatric and 23% multiple disabilities

Article published on Jun 21, 2016.

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Winners at Civil Society Gala

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