We Are Looking For Ambassadors!

We are looking for Good Ambassadors to make known the fact that it is possible to change the lives of our beneficiaries for free.

Any person can redirect 2% of the income tax to a nongovernmental organization, this 2% is a part of your income tax that goes automatically to the state budget therefore the redirect is free. All you have to do is complete the forms 200,230 until the 23rd May.

We make public our "2% for Scut" contest and we invite you to support us by gathering as much completed forms as you can. 

And because we know that your time is precious, you can win the following prizes:
First place prize: 1h at Mystery Rooms Escape Brașov (min.3 people, max.6) an opportunity to test your creativity and your survival instincts (you have to get out of the room in 60 min., it's more difficult than it sounds).

Second place prize: tickests to Aquatic Paradise for you to relax after so much work

Third place prize: tickets to Cinema One

2 mentions and a surprize-prize from Scut

The contest starts today and ends on 20th May. The winners will be announced on 23rd May. To enter the contest you have to collect a minimum of 15 forms- you can find them on the bottom of the page.

At Scut Association of Social Services we offer free services of social conselling and therapy for adults with disabilities, children and youngsters from orphanages and families in social risk.The Day Center has been founded since 2002, the only in the whole country at that moment created based on the model of day centers from Northen Ireland. The programm for children and young people that are institutionalized- AfterCare Start is permanently in function since 2004. Along the year, we have helped 2000 people to build a better life by making them independent.

Article published on Mar 04, 2016.

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