The Week Of Donations In Fruit And Vegetables: 16-20.11.2015

What can be more beautiful than a colorful and plentiful autumn? A generous one. 

In the week of 16-20.11.2015, all the Romanian schools in the country implemented the campaign "The week of donations in fruit and vegetables". The campaign is part of the National Strategy for Community Engagement, initiated by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. In partnership with SCUT Association of Social Services, all the fruit and vegetables donated to the School no. 5 reached around 100 people in need. 

Teachers, parents and students at School no. 5 got engaged in the campaign to donate fresh fruit and vegetables, with a common purpose to help those less fortunate around them. Dozens of seasonal varieties of fruit and vegetables were then distributed to various people, through the SCUT Association of Social Services. 

Donations reached beneficiaries of our organization, youngsters who have recently left the state protection system (state orphanages), adults with disabilities - mental, physical, intellectual, or associated, and marginalized families. Due to the generosity of the donors mobilized by the School no. 5, we were also able to make donations to the "Thank you!" charity canteen for homeless people, run by the Joy of Giving Foundation, and to the "Education and protection day centre for children with parents working abroad, managed by Save the Children. 

We managed to make gifts for month-long portions of fruit and vegetables for 25 disabled adults, 16 impoverished families, 6 youngsters who have left the state protection system, and approximately 60 children from families with a high social risk of exclusion. 

For some of beneficiaries of this campaign it was the first time ever to taste pomelo, mango or pineapple, and many considered it to be an early Christmas present. 

We would like to thank everyone that got involved in this campaign at the School no. 5,  and especially to Ms. Mariana Dicu: you are all amazing! 

Article published on Jan 06, 2016.

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