The Human Library 2015: Read Human Books With Scut

The artist, the convict, the disabled, the yoga practitioner, the criminalist: have you ever wondered what you really think about them and why? Have you ever wandered what lies beneath these labels? 

The Scut Association of Social Services invites you in the Central Park, on the 22nd of July, at the event the Human Library: Meet your Prejudice!
The Human Library is an international concept through which organizations and people can promote the respect for human rights and for diversity, in all its forms, while stimulating the dialogue between people. 

The Human Library works like a regular library: readers, guided by a librarian, borrow books for a short period of time, read them, and then give them back. The difference is that in this library, the books are people. 
Hence for a few moments, by sharing their life stories, the Human Books give us the possibility to confront our own misconceived ideas, and maybe even overcome them. Through this event, we fight against the discrimination and social stigma, promoting the value of diversity and a culture of acceptance. This year, the Human Library is organized within the project Sara Centre - integrated services for adults with disabilities, funded by the EEA 2009-2014 grants, through the NGO fund in Romania. 

At this year`s Human Library, we will have over 50 books, people that belong to a variety of categories and groups. This event will take place on the 22nd of July, in the Central Park (the alley facing Aro Palace), starting with 10:00, until 18:00. The participation is free of charge. 

Their story can be the story of any human being, including ours. 
We invite you to discover them. 

See you there!

Article published on Jul 01, 2015.

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