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Have you ever wondered what happens to orphaned children when they grow up? Or what happens to disabled children?

We all have our life story: but some people around us will always be children that grew up in an orphanage or adults with disabilities. They need continuous psychological and social support to be socially included. Each of our beneficiaries deserve a chance to a better life.  

What Do We Do At SCUT
From 2002 onward, we offer free social and psychological assistance services to orphaned children and youth, disabled adults and marginalized families. 

Only in 2014, we had 360 direct beneficiaries and we have invested over 9800 hours in free social assistance services.

And now we have decided to renovate the Sara Centre/ our HQ, and double the work space available by turning the attic into a functional space. Because we love what we do and because we want to help as many people in need that we can. 

Our Purpose
Is to raise 30100 RON/ 7,000 Euro: to supplement our construction budget, which will renovate and double the space available for our activities and will directly raise the quality of the services we offer at SCUT.
Who Are The Beneficiaries?
Your donation directly impacts 52 youngsters living in, or who have recently left, state orphanages in Brașov, Romania, and that are included in our AfterCare Start programme, 59 disabled adults that receive services at the SCUT centre and over 200 care givers, and 10 marginalized families that we currently work with.

Moreso, the donation goes to all our potential new beneficiaries, who are waiting even now for a chance to a better life. And to us, the SCUT Association of Social Services, who only in 2014 managed to invest over 9800 hours in free psycho-social assistance services and to reach out to 360 people in need.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Article published on Oct 13, 2015.

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