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Have you ever wondered what is like to spend a lifetime with a disability? And have you ever wondered what is like to spend a lifetime with a disability, without having an income, a home or a family?

At Timis Services Complex, 136 adult people living with a handicap and in a dire financial state are being taken care of by the state: and we have decided to try and help them.

Hence we partnered with Kronospan to offer the center and its beneficiaries various products: food items (sunflower oil, flour etc.), personal care items (adult diapers, shampoo etc.) but also medical care items (alcohol, sterile bandages etc.).

The Kronospan company also offered sweets to the people living in the center, in an effort to cheer up their Easter holiday. We were pleasantly surprised by the company`s involvement, a company that has managed to shine on the international market of wood panel producers. It should however come as no surprise, since the company has been putting People, Simplicity, Low Costs and Inovation at the core of its activities since 1897 and we can only be grateful that they decided to support our initiative.

A big thank goes to our colleagues too, Cristina Mirică, Carmen Câmpean and Eszter Cioacă, who managed to distribute the products at Timis, during the Easter holiday. We would like to also thank the representatives of the Social Services Committee of Brașov for their support at this time.

Article published on May 03, 2016.

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