Extraordinary Result of the Community Support

The implication of each of you in the Scut Christmas Campaign had extraordinary results: over 250 young people that are institutionalizes and adults with disabilities received Christmas gifts or were helped depending to their needs in January. 
Your implication-people from the community- exceeded all of our expectations- almost 1000 donors:
-pupils from a lot of schools around town (General School no.8, no. 5, no. 31, no.15, Unirea National College, Andrei Șaguna National College,  Andrei Mureșeanu Național College, Emil Racoviță National College, Hans Mattis Teutch High School of Plastic Arts, Sports High School, Mircea Cristea Technical High School and Maria Baiulescu Technical High School)
-companies ( (Star East Pet, SEP Mobile, Nova Prof Distribution, Danubiatec, Green Team InMedio)
-private donors (25)
have responded to our message.
To have an overall image, we inform you that throuh this campaign that had taken place from november to december 2014 we got:
146 l of oil, 76 kg rice, 200 kg flour, 218 kg sugar, 88 kg hominy, 57 kg pasta, 6 kg semolina, 27 kg oranges, 22 kg bananas, 45 kg potatoes, 32 kg onions, 18 kg carotts, 21sponge cake and 53 kg of sweets. All that without mentioning mountains of toys, clothes, school supplies and sanitary products.
Thanks to your help, 120 direct beneficiaries of Scut have received packages with the occasion of winter holidays. And because we received more than we asked, the campaing ended this month after the last products were delivered to  Dacia and Ioana Residential Care Center for Youth and Homeless Care Center. 
All the toys, the food, the clothes and school supplies collected with the help of Brașov Community made our beneficiaries very happy!
Our thanks go to all people that were involved!

Article published on Jan 30, 2015.

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Extraordinary Result of the Community Support

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