Children`S Day At Scut: Zoo, Joy And Community Engagement

On the 1st of June, our team and our beneficiaries - children and their caregivers together with the girls from the Codlea state orphanage, got together to take the tour of the municipal Zoological Garden, enjoy a picnic organized by ASS Scut and play in the park next to the zoo. 

This was our way of celebrating the International Children`s Day that also marked an official wrap up of our campaign: "Donate a smile for a marginalized child!" - our community outreach campaign, through which we gathered donations and raised funds to organize this outing. 

It was a beautiful and interesting day and we learned a lot of new things about different animals and their habitats. More so, it was a day with many smiley faces, despite the bustle of people around us!

Today we met with 24 children and 7 adults. We still have clothes, sweets and toys to distribute to other families, in the following week. In Romania, 1 in 2 children is at risk of absolute poverty and social exclusion (Eurostat, 2014), which directly affects their personal development. Some of the children, adolescents and youth from state-run orphanages hardly ever get a chance to experience this kind of activities. 

We would like to thank all the donors and people who passed our message along: the level of community engagement has surprised us yet again.

A special thank you goes to Mr. Alin Pînzaru, for granting us access to the Zoological Garden, and to Mr. Alin Cotorogea, for enabling us to reach Mr. Pînzaru.

Many thanks to our direct donors, namely Roxana Luchian and her friends - for the delicious food and Prof. Laura Voinescu-Dragomir and her students from the X-B and XI-D classes - the National IT College "Grigore Moisil" Brașov, for their donation. A heartfelt thank you also to Maria and the Blumenau Association for their donation of clothes and shoes: they were welcomed and well received. 

As always, we couldn`t have done without you!

Article published on Jun 01, 2015.

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