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Amalia's childhood was difficult - in an attempt to protect her child from a violent and alcoholic husband, her mother took Amalia and ran away from home. For a while, they stayed at a mothers' center in Făgăraș, but, unfortunately, her mother did not have enough strength to take care of her. Amalia arrived at a placement center, where she stayed until she was 18 years old.

At the age of 18, most young people face insecurity, deprivation, fear. When they are forced to leave the placement centers, they set out on the path of life alone, without support and without knowing what to do.

Amalia came to us in 2017, when she felt that she could no longer cope with the problems and worries in her life. Here he received all the help he needed (social, psychological, material and financial) until he managed to reach the waterline.

Today, Amalia is a proud and happy mother. He has a 1-year-old and 6-month-old daughter named Evelin, who has just learned to take her first steps. Yes, only now, because Evelin was born prematurely, and Amalia was very involved in supporting and recovering the little girl.

Now, Amalia is making sure steps towards independence. She has a stable home and works to fulfill her dream, that of doing a manicure-pedicure course. And, most importantly, Amalia does everything in her power to make her daughter have a different life.

Amalia is a serious woman, she is motivated, she wants to evolve, she is an extremely loving mother and involved in the harmonious growth, education and development of the little girl.

Amalia you are an example of optimism, strength and perseverance!
We thank you!


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