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Did you know that you can change lives at 0 cost for you?

If you have been employed this past year, you may redirect 3,5% of the public taxes to an NGO. Because this sum is in fact a percentage of your income taxes, automatically levied by the state each month, it won`t cost you anything extra - you or your employer. This option is enabled by the Fiscal Code, to support Romanian NGOs and their beneficiaries.

Why would you choose us? Because at the SCUT Association of Social Services, we have been offering for the past 20 years free social and psychological assistance services to disadvantaged people around us. We mainly work with youth in state orphanages, disabled adults and disadvantaged families.

To redirect 3,5% of your income tax to SCUT Association of Social Services, you need to follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Identify the right form that you need to fill in - 230 or 200:
  • If in 2020 you have been working for an employer, you need to fill in the 230 form (that you may find here, below);
  • If in 2020 you worked as a freelancer of you have had income from copyrights, and other sources, you need to fill in the form 200;

Step 2: Fill in the form: 

  • Fill in your personal information on the form, under Chapter 1 - personal data of the tax payer;
  • Don`t forget to sign the form under "the signature of the tax payer" - at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Submit the form:

  • Now you are ready to redirect 3,5% of your income tax to our beneficiaries.You only need to:
    • submit the filled-in form to ANAF, until the 25th of May or
    • hand it over to a representative of the SCUT Association of Social Services, until the 25th of May. You may also contact us at: 0751 093 622 - contact@scutbv.ro
Thank you!

Frequent questions:

1. What is 3,5%?
3,5% is a percentage of your income tax, that is automatically levied by the state each month, from your brutto salary.
According to the Fiscal Code, you may redirect 3,5% of your income tax to an NGO of your choosing.

2. Is there any extra cost for me or my employer?
No, once you fill in and submit the 3,5% form, the fiscal authorities will calculate and deduct the 3,5% from the levied taxes and redirect it to the NGO that you chose in your form.

3. Where can I find all the information about the SCUT Association of Social Services that I need to fill in the form?
To help you in this process, you may find below the forms you need with the information already filled in.

4. Do I need to know what 3,5% of my income tax is?
No, you don`t need this information. The fiscal authorities that process these taxes and the 3,5% sponsoring procedure, will calculate it.

5. How confidential is this process?
We work on a daily basis with confidential data and we always respect the confidentiality of our beneficiaries and donors. The 3,5% forms that we will gather will go directly to the fiscal authorities, where they will be processed.

6. How will your organization get the money?
After the 25th of May, the fiscal authorities process these forms and start to wire the corresponding 3,5% donations into our account. This may take several months. 

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