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Dear ones, we have started the campaign Children need a mother!

The campaign was born from the need to be close to mothers and children in difficult situations.

Our care goes to young mothers who come either from foster care or from dysfunctional families. The lives of these mothers and their children abound in problems on all levels: psychological, social, financial. To all this is added the traumatic past of mothers (especially for those who lived in foster care), the abuses to which they were subjected (physical, emotional, sexual, etc.).

At present, they are struggling in many cases, alone, to be able to offer their children another life experience, a normal and quieter one, but they need support in this process. In the more than 16 years of working with families at social risk, I have noticed that one of the risks that arise is to fail in the effort to maintain a decent life and these mothers sometimes end up, out of desperation, abandoning their children.

What to do? Some would say that we need miracles, and we tell you that these miracles can only be accomplished with your help. Every small gesture from you can change the life path of these people. And because it is really in our power to act, we invite you to join us in this campaign because we strongly believe: CHILDREN NEED A MOTHER!

How can you support the SCUT cause?

  • Share your post to reach as many wonderful people as possible,
  • Become a fundraiser for our cause,
  • Donate.

Get involved because: YOU HELP, WE HELP, THEY HAVE A CHANCE!


Donations for SCUT

If you wish to help the SCUT Association for Social Services, Braşov then the simplest and fastest option is to make a donation. Donations are made with PayPal, an international online payments platform that helps us guarantee that your donations are safe, secure, and arrive directly to us.

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