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Team: Ramona Pintea

In 1989, right after the revolution, a truck with bananas and oranges came to us from abroad to be distributed to the children. When I received that package, I was very impressed by the fact that a person who does not know us, thinks At that moment, I promised myself that one day I would be 'in a position' to help those around me. After several years, I realized that You are always in 'that position.' You can give at any time. You can give your time, advice at an important moment, hot tea on a frosty winter day.

Ramona Pintea is the vice-president of the Shield Social Services Association and a member of the Board of Directors since 2010, getting involved in the development strategy of the Association and in the fundraising actions.

In her personal life, Ramona is a painter and lives in Bucharest with her family.

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Team: Ramona Pintea
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