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Team: Alina Leahu

Alina graduated in 2005 the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, the Psychology Section of the Western University of Timișoara and has an master degree in Techniques and skills for community intervention.

Since 2007 she has moved to Brașov, where she has contributed in the community in several ways (in the Community Assistance Service of the Social Assistance Directorate, school psychologist, workshops for personal development for children). A humanistic training followed, within the Romanian Experimental Psychotherapy Societies (S.P.E.R. Institute).
Alina joined the SCUT team in January 2020.

I dream of a world in which we live Simple, we show Gratitude for what we are, we can do and have, a world in which we offer Love and Smile a lot. I bring this dream with me in SCUT!

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