The Association for Social Services SCUT (ASS SCUT) aims to create, develop and promote community services targeting the needs of marginalized groups or groups at risk of social exclusion. We strive to offer services that can be scaled up or transferred and that can grow to be models of best practice.

Our objectives are:
  • To rehabilitate and to socially include people with disabilities;
  • To enable the socio-professional integration of youth discharged from state care facilities and of disadvantaged youth from the community.

Activities and services: psychological counseling and therapy, vocational counseling, occupational therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, skill-building seminars for independent life, financial support and in-kind donations (for food, rent, transportation, clothing, medical treatments, professional/ VET training etc.), support for education continuation, leisure activities, and so on.

Target groups:

  • Adults living with a disability (mental or physical);
  • Youth living or discharged from state care facilities;
  • Disadvantaged youth from the community (monoparental households, impoverished families, families with parents working abroad, and so on);
  • Youngsters from the community.

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